International Symposium on Predictive Brain and Cognitive Feelings

Cognitive feelings encompass subjective and metacognitive experiences related to perception and action. They involve sensations such as knowing, confidence, reality, fluency, and more, which are associated with a wide range of cognitive processes. Of great interest are the neural and bodily mechanisms underlying these subjective experiences. Does predictive processing in the brain contribute to these […]

Conferences, Symposiums, and Workshops

Date Place Event
2024.05.28-31 ACTCITY Hamamatsu 第38回人工知能学会全国大会 OS-30「大規模・高品質な生成AI時代における人工生命と人工意識」
2024.05.22, 2024.05.27 The University of Tokyo Interdisciplinary Workshops on Interoceptive Awareness: Bridging Research Across Cultures
2023.09.07-09 Future University Hakodate 日本認知科学会第40回大会 OS「インクルーシブ社会実現に向けた認知科学―当事者研究・現象学・予測符号化」
2023.07.24-28 Sapporo, Japan ALIFE 2023 Workshop on “Cognitive feelings: Towards multi-disciplinary approaches for realizing artificial systems with cognitive capacities”
2023.07.19-20 Tokyo, Japan International Symposium on Predictive Brain and Cognitive Feelings
2022.09.12 London, UK IEEE ICDL 2022 Workshop on “Neurodiversity of Cognitive Feelings”
2022.09.10 Aoyama Gakuin University 日本認知科学会第39回大会 OS「認知フィーリングと認知的ダイバーシティ:当事者研究と認知科学の共同によるインクルーシブ社会の構築」
2021.11.20-21 Online 日本発達神経科学会第10回学術集会
Irregular Online Online lecture series “Developing Minds” (Organized by IEEE Technical Committee on Cognitive and Developmental Systems)
Irregular Online CHAIN Academic Seminar (Organized by Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience, Hokkaido University)
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