Workshop on “Neurodiversity of Cognitive Feelings” will be held at IEEE ICDL 2022

We are going to organize a workshop on “Neurodiversity of Cognitive Feelings” at the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning, which will be held in London, UK on September 12-15, 2022. This workshop aims to bring together multidisciplinary researchers from developmental psychology, cognitive sciences, neuroscience, and robotics to share their expertise on cognitive feeling and emotional sensations across neurodiversity.

Online lecture series “Developing Minds”

Prof. Jochen Triesch, Prof. Chen Yu, and Project Prof. Yukie Nagai organize the online lecture series “Developing Minds”. Prof. Atsushi Iriki, who is the research supervisor of CREST MultiSensing Area is going to give a lecture on March 31. All you are cordially invited.

  • Online lecture series “Developing Minds” [HP]
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